It has a name and a history behind. It is located in Kifissia, one of the most prestigious areas of Athens. A building that carries countless memories and parties in its foundations and walls. Through the years it has hosted aristocrats and later on was described as a preserved building. The Dalliance House welcomes you in Kifissia, from 10:00 in the morning until 04:00 in the evening for an all day entertainment experience.

The Dalliance House Team undertook the building in 2013, only to create a bar restaurant with taste and love to the Athenian entertainment. So the once classy residence is revived through their gaze facing a new glory in the stately area of Kifissia.


The House

In The Dalliance House one can find the aristocratic air of a high ceiling neoclassical mansion meeting with the sophisticated decoration that resembles a cosy living room. The colors intermingle in the same manner in which the old meets the new. The wooden monastery table harmoniously coexists with the wood bar and wine cellar which covers the whole area from the floor to the roof. The 19th century meets the 21st in a setting full of retro elements and modern aesthetics. The Dalliance House welcomes you to a trip between the past, the present and the future.

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The Team

The Team is entirely dedicated to visitors and their pleasure from day to night time. Therefore, they created the The Dalliance House in order to offer high quality services in a cozy, sophisticated area. The Team has received the building in 2013, only to create an All day Bar Restaurant with taste and love for the Athenian entertainment. Thus, the once classy residence revived through the eyes of experienced professionals, facing a new glory.


The Dalliance House’s bar and kitchen in Kifissia, serve hot and cold dishes, coffee, exotic tea varieties and refreshing cocktails accompanied by a good mood and a smile.

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